When Breath Becomes Air

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Book of when a breast becomes heir by Paul Callan EB. I gave it a 5 out of 5 stars it's actually the first non-fiction book that I've read like for fun because I wanted to and not like for school so I was just proud of myself. For that and since I loved it so much, I will definitely keep my mind open to more nonfiction books. Because this book actually had a really huge impact on me.

This book is by Paul Cullen easy and he was a neurosurgeon but at the age of 36 he was diagnosed with a lung cancer and he passed away in 2015. So this is kind of his life story about why he chose to be a physician to be a neurosurgeon and his and how his life changed when he was diagnosed with cancer. So it is a very serious book but the way Paul writes the book is just so beautiful gives it a little bit of lightheartedness he is funny his story.

Is just it's inspiring and it's thought-provoking its insightful its poignant it's just beautiful so we do. Follow him from the age of a child he talks about his childhood and how his mother always wanted him to read she really emphasized the importance of reading and he read a lot of classics and so he's really throughout his life has always been kind of torn between literature and science which I can relate to do an extent.

Um obviously I love reading and have a passion for literature but I'm also in pharmacy school so I love science and medical field and all of that so I could relate to that part of it and I just thought it was very interesting and fascinating how he talked about it all when he gets into medical school and all of that he talks a lot about how doctors treat patients and the doctor to patient relationship which I found to be really really.

So you know as a pharmacist we may not deal with patients in the same way that doctors do but there are a lot of pharmacists that work in hospitals and I mean I consider working in a retail pharmacy. When you're you know dispensing medicine to people I consider them patients and so he had a lot of very important points when it comes to that. And I was also really eye-opening because then he himself becomes a patient and he talks about that flip and how he's a doctor and he's treated people with cancer but now he's a patient that has cancer is he. Supposed to treat himself or is he specific back and let other doctors do it it just.

Really really a fascinating discussion obviously it's sad because he does talk about death a lot he talks about life and death throughout his entire life he had this passion for exploring the meaning of life and gaining knowledge and so he does talk a lot about what does it mean to be alive science. You know says that humans are animals were organisms what makes us think the way we do, and so that's partially why he went into science. He felt like he needed to know science and know neurosurgery to be even begin to understand how humans works basically at the end his wife writes an epilogue talking about his last days and after he passed away and yeah I did shed some tears.

It is a sad story but I wouldn't let that significantly deter you which is such a beautiful story and there's just so many important points and impactful points that he makes and just makes you think it's a wonderful story and I don't know how else to describe it I definitely want to reread this ebook it's a great story to get lost in and to think about and just keep your mind open but if you have any at least mild interest in this book I would highly recommend picking it up if you are in the medical field at all you definitely need to read this book so yeah I am so happy that I read this.

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  • Literally takes your breath away
    By Reba and Zoey
    I never knew you could be overwhelmed by both a persons life and a book at the same time - they became one in the same. There are no words or comments I can adequately write to express how completely consuming this book is. Tonight, I will start to read it all over again.
  • A profound piece of literature
    By a.lassan.m
    An amazing, emotional, inspirational read. I am glad I came across this book. Definitely one of the best books I have read so far. A must read. Highly recommend.
  • When Breath Becomes Air
    By NiaReads14
    I loved this book! I bought this book to read on an airplane and read it in a day! This book made me think and provided great insight to many things, I can’t list them all. This book makes you think and question what it means to be a patient, a doctor (for me a future PA, hopefully),what it means to be human, and what it means to be mortal. I feel inspired to continue to prepare myself and pursue not perfection, but the asymptote!! Dr. Kalanithi truly was an exceptional person and I just want to say thank you to the people that allowed his work to come into fruition because you gave me an opportunity to know him and in he process know a little more about myself.
  • Emotional and inspiring
    Couldn’t put the book down! What an emotional and inspiring story to stare adversity in its face and still live with a smile on his face.
  • Some of the best writing ive ever read
    By floridadoctorgirl
    Incredible literature, an honest voice, and angelic prose. Such a good read.
  • When breathe becomes air
    By Lynlouise
    Very important discussion of living and feeling and living!!
  • Touching
    By Ehsan Alipour
    Touching. A real piece of Art... nothing else to say
    By P__93
    This novel reveals so much about life in the face of death. It reveals the deep thought memories of a man going through different stages of life; choosing a profession, chasing it with zeal and purpose, pushing past the barries of death to present wisdom to all who read this book. Wisdom that came through the experience of mortality, letting us know that we don’t have to cave underneath the weight of certain death, but that we can forge a new life replete with love, meaning, and purpose. This is an amazing book. Highly recommend it for everyone, even more so to those who are in the field of medicine (don’t just choose a professional route because of your comfort, do so to make an impact on the lives of the people you serve.)
  • “What makes life meaningful enough to go on living?” -Paul Kalanithi
    By snackinjackthecat
    Life is very short - and it can all change without notice. Choose to embrace it.
  • Great read!
    By Bukky*
    This book is a must read!! So insightful, sad and comforting at the same time. May Paul's legacy live on.

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